Improved Hailrake Fight in 1.1.3

One of the improvements in the upcoming 1.1.3 content update is an overhaul of the Hailrake encounter. While we love challenging new players, the mechanics of the fight as it stands are a bit counter-intuitive (running away causes the Ice Spears to arm!). The new fight has better Hailrake AI and uses a more appropriate skill - Glacial Cascade.

I asked the designers to make sure he is still "scary" in Cruel and Merciless.
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ty sensei
Yay!!! No more instafroze. Also first page!!!
"I asked the designers to make sure he is still "scary" in Cruel and Merciless"

You cruel bastard. But that's why we love you :P
Dem metal chickens
Redesigning the same fights over and over while never touching the other 90% seems a bit weird.
IGN: Sin
Yes, because we all know that its much better to get hit in the face with a skill that's 6 levels above the map zone than one that is 2 levels above it. I certainly hope you scaled it down for Normal Difficulty at least(when oddly enough, it would most over powered). Though Ice Spear was never really an issue. Run side to side, wait for him to go OOM then face tank him/kite him side to side until he casts another Ice Spear and dive back in.
"What is a strongbox? A miserable little pile of loot. But enough RNG, Have at you!"
who gives a shit about Hailrake fight Chris,you guys have more important things to do,like fixing the game
first page

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