Improving Communication: The Development Manifesto (Please Read First!)

At least they are communicating, even if most people do not like what is being said.
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Poe should have no patch notes. Let people figure stuff out instead of spoon feeding it to the players. Players are always mad about the patch notes, so no patch notes will prevent this and break the meta play. Imagine playing a game and using your mind to figure out what works for you.....and not what is just best in slot. People depend on patch notes way too much and it makes them lazy and quit the game much faster.

If I was in charge.....I would make all builds private also....copy and paste builds should not exist.
Oh no. They're not done with the manifesto... MORE NERFS incoming

While the buffs to unused skills are mostly meager ~10%. Srsly???
The issue is on who you're communicating with, don't say your communicating with your community if you only talk to streamers and get there opinion on what the next direction for the game should look like, we should all get a say so in the matter, for example before doing a change also the community if they like or dislike the change and then ask them how they would do the change differently. Quit balancing everything based off of streamers.
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This game company doesnt listen to its game community at all.
just look at the nerf this time, there is nothing fixing about it anymore.
and NO! those 1alch nerfs cant fix the nerf, no amount of uniques can fix it. rare with good mods are always better than those 1alch uniques.

Goodluck getting more playerbase on your PoE2 with that kind of attitude with your game developers. Continue nerfing the game and lose more playerbase.
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mimlie wrote:
Can you not say you communicate with your players.
Submitted a well phrased opinion days ago.
do you even read the threads here???!!!

DO SOMETHING GGG. been playing for 10 years now. this is as bad as it gets.

sending love still. but cmon

shhh let them messedup their own playerbase bro.

let them reap what they sow
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kingshuly wrote:
Getting one shot it, unbalanced and Unfair!!! it's really disappointed that this is what we have to deal with and what is included in a game to make HC re-playable so players can keep trying explain why I Died........why is there such a mechanic in-game.... especially if channeling skill u have to be stationary to use ....1-5 seconds standing still means death, then why to have a channeling skill that required standing still, excluding cyclone!!!!!

We will сonsider your cyclone nerf proposal next patch.
I love you Chris.. specially when the game feels you are closer together with the team.

It is clear that GGG improved the communication arround Manifesto, Patch notes, etc... you guys are acting a lot more professional now. Best regards
Why is the Development Manifesto not respected prior to 3.19 launch? Why did we have to find out about hidden nerfs from a post of the lead developer today?

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