Improving Communication: The Development Manifesto (Please Read First!)

Go read the Monster Changes in the crucible patch notes, clearly several were left out.
TreeOfDead wrote:
Vasilij2 wrote:
There is no communication btween players and devs, u just straight ignore us, we do not want loot goblins and overpowered AN. And u just force it down our throats anyway. I hope u will understand your mistake for ignoring player base with your wallets. Because i do not think that anything else except lack of money will convince you.

WIth love, fellow exile who cannot watch how u destroy my beloved game.

rly sad but tru

He have right and have question for GGG future of POE will be what caster and "put things down and run around like headless chicken" for me most fun is melee but the have all disadvantages after all close combat and on top of that is acc there is keynode resolute techique but u cant crit thats fine on top of it but also dif betwen melee and caster is freaking scale and u need 3 times of hp as caster have to achive what casters and "i put things down and wait everything to die" u guys buff melee and soon as u can u do is say "its to OP" and u get it in mind shortage of range as i can see from league to league new stuff coming less and less melee builds u can see on top tier list for example how many herald auras benefit phy dmg dealers or u are bound to do "elemental dmg" to buff more phy dmg what shouldnt be case more phy dmg brutality gem remove all elemetal dmg so question is will be improvement for melee "phy dmg melee" builds without focusing on elemental dmg after all melee have only disadvantage no advantage at all as u can see check top players and ask them how often they pick melee phy builds insted of casters and s..t like that thx i hope u guys going to improve melee
Wait I'm confused where's the communication? WHERE!? I've looked through the whole thread it's just us here, were here alone.

It's stated read this thread first and oh boy did I find what I wasn't looking for.
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In the spirit of better communication, have you nerfed sanctum rewards without informing anyone?
no development to performance? is getting 100% CPU usage included in your game features? is getting a new PC part of your MTX?
Can you actually read these posts and give us a new reply? or is this ALSO against CoC? Hmm?
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