The Plan for Cut-Throat Mode

Crazy Idea:

If you kill someone, you should not be able to logout/disconnect for 10 mins after that event and the person who died has ability to easily teleport to the killer so as to attempt revenge/retrieval of gear.

IF you do disconnect then your character hangs around unable to defend itself.

Encampments should not be a safe haven in said event either just to keep it interesting.

wowowow. this looks insane!!
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I am so excited about this.

What will the logout and portal prevention timers be
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As many people have mentioned:

Freeze/Chill Mechanics + Temporal Chains needs to be looked at. The effect of chilled and chains alone is just ridiculous in PvP, and without a pair of Wanderlust or a Dream Fragments perma freeze is way too easy and really not all that enjoyable to play against. Many times my character has been perma frozen for 10+ seconds while the other player slowly hacks at me. Just the fact that a player loses a piece of gear to plan against freeze/chill is significant.

High level Righteous Fire Builds + Shield Block are also currently almost unbeatable in Standard PvP. Something needs to be done to resistances - Ex a Max level Purity of Fire should add +10 to max fire resist or something... I fought against a righteous fire toon with my char having 7K health, 78 fire resists, and about 20K 1H Phys DPS and I got destroyed every time. With recent patch changes to DOT, righteous fire/searing bond dmg is just ridiculous.

Ears For Sure/Player Kill Counter. Special Player effects after 100 kills for example would be cool, Ex: player has extra gore effect on weapons or bloody footprints.

NO TRADING - Higher/More Orb drops, same or reduced rarity drops. This will allow for players who really invest their time in finding top tier gear to enjoy their Cut Throat power. Cut throat should be about self found/crafted gear. If uniques are harder to find than players have alot more to lose when they die and gear drops.... Some players have mentioned increased rarity/unique drops. This is stupid idea IMO, it takes away from your toons death and the time you should be investing in finding gear.

Make Cut throat Permanent - Maybe reset every 4-6 Months.

Cut Throat Only Gear - Special Uniques that only exist in this league.

Health to DPS ratio needs to be looked at - Some people have mentioned the end game discrepancy between high HP (8-10K) and high DPS, 80-100K. The one shot kills will be hard to prevent, seems like it will be whoever hits the other first.

Losing ALL your gear is pretty steep. As much as I really am excited for this league, losing all your gear is a hard pill to swallow. I have a feeling this will only distance players from the league, particularly the casual players who have put alot of time into finding gear and lose it so quickly to a hard core gamer of the same toon level. Just my thoughts....

TL:DR - Ima be defiling all your vaginas in Cut Throat.

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Make it permanent and maybe it'd be great....otherwise, I'm sad.
Sounds great!
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Concerning the item drop.

How about randomly dropping 100 or 150 levels worth of items. This way you would lose most of your stuff on lower levels(which isn't bad imo) and only around 2 items at level 60+.
This is great news, thanks:)
Fuuuuuck yes!
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