The Plan for Cut-Throat Mode

Not interested at all. Nerf Invasion bosses please!
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increase magic find, it would be very nice if this type of events would have better drops for how they last, that way people may be abel to fight with awesome gear instead of all white or blue 0 build diversity but spaming 1 skill
Sounds good but i'd really like to see both hardcore/softcore cut throat leagues
getting to high level content would be 10x more challenging and it gives geared players the ability to threaten other players, asking for currency in exchange for not killing them.
Sound stupid? play the softcore version. Appeal to you as much as it does to me? Play the hardcore version.
My cast on death gem is ready... COME AND GET ME BITCHES!
No thank you!

And may those that post "first" and "first page" posts grow terrible genital warts and be sodomized by rabid goats!
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Backup gear is only good if you have backup gems with it. Anyone else see a problem here?
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Here's an idea:

Greatly increase the drop rates of everything, but make the charcters go into the void league at the end of the league, to prevent them from messing up other leagues.

This would allow players whose stuff gets taken to catch up with drops faster.
Duelist is kylo ren -_-

so one would lose exp on death as well?
4-Months Cut-Throat.

That's what we need !

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