The Plan for Cut-Throat Mode

Oh my...T^_^T
About Time! Suit up Aux we're going on a killing spree!
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Guys, you're great! Very right decisions! I hope there will be 4 month cutthroat league.
I really hope this doesn't mean we have to play tons of Cutthroat races next season, if so, at the very least make them race events that don't give out points.

I'm totally fine with Cutthroat leagues and events as long as they are not part of the race season.

That's really my only concern, other than that it's great news for all the people that are interested in playing Cutthroat events (and clearly that isn't the race community - at least for the most part).
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Time to quit ambush, as awesome as the boxes are to open.

cutthroat baby!
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Wow sounds awesome. I only play PoE solo PvE in standard, but this sounds like something I would enjoy when the grind gets boring.
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Don't forget to reduce the duration of freeze and overall any frezee/chill mechanic. We really don't want to see everyone running GH and freeze mines.
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Here's an idea:

Greatly increase the drop rates of everything, but make the charcters go into the void league at the end of the league, to prevent them from messing up other leagues.

This would allow players whose stuff gets taken to catch up with drops faster.

Awesome idea!

Also, to everyone saying they're not interested in pvp, why are you even posting here? this is not for you.
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Nice, this sounds like a riot. I've only played one cut throat even before and it ended trying to get the medicine chest in act 1... suddenly I was mobbed by a bunch of thugs and that was that!
Probably needs Famine mod too?

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