The Plan for Cut-Throat Mode

Awesome news, I posted a suggestion for this exact league around 6 weeks ago!

Please don't listen to anyone saying that "It's unfair" etc etc...


Keep up the good work....

Also.... Please don't nerf the invasion league. By far the best hardcore league you guy's have made. The fact that it is hard is exactly what is required. Streamer's die, complain a little then theory craft a way to make the character better in the situation that they died in.

Thumbs up.
Below are a couple of ideas I've got on cutthroat, coming from an amateur player that hasn't played cutthroat previously (but is very intrigued!).

In thinking about this, I've tried to keep in mind the following:
1) The fewer built-in rules the better
2) Instead, provide incentives for players to self-regulate
3) Strive for simplicity wherever possible without re-writing the game

- IMHO, Standard (softcore) cutthroat is the way to go, with the same level/difficulty scaling as current leagues. Save GGG from having to re-invent the game. Hardcore cutthroat could be offered in shorter term leagues, but I don't see how it is sustainable long-term and probably isn't worth GGG's investment.

- Players drop everything on death, whether killed by a player or MOB. Quest obtained skill gems could be purchased from vendors appropriate to their level.

- No parties. Adds a new and enticing element to cooperative gameplay.

- Same drop rates as other leagues, and IIQ bonuses apply to number of players in zone, thus incenting some form of cooperation.

- All zones are public access, but no public knowledge of quantity/level/name of players in zone.

- Regarding controlling the number of empty zones, another option would be to limit the number of zones each player can create and simultaneously have open, while giving the player the option to close his/her own empty zones. Even with reduced zone timeouts, you might still have players creating a bunch of empty decoy zones before attempting to run through one zone solo.

- Here's an idea to discincent griefing: introduce a Sheriff NPC or message board in all towns where bounties can be posted. Sheriffs would represent the collective will of all NPC townsfolk to maintain law and order in Wreaclast by adding bounties on heads of players that hunt and kill excessively lower level players. How I envision this working is for each "effective level" (as calculated for MOBs) deficit difference between the killer and the victim, the NPC's add a consecutively higher value currency item on the killer's bounty. Say for the first effective level a chromatic orb is added as bounty, 2 effective levels is an alteration orb, 3 effective levels is a jeweler's orb, so on and so on. Players can also contribue to the pre-existing bounties. Bounties accumulate, and are collected by the player that kills the infractor. Players also have the option of paying off their own bounty for 2x the posted value. The Sheriff or message board would also provide intel on where and when the player was last spotted.

Just my 2 cents. Looking forward to it!
Have anyone heard of the term combatlogging from DayZ? :):)
Just some thoughts:

Chris wrote:
From the tests we've run in the past, we came to the following conclusions:
Non-hardcore cut-throat is usually more fun than hardcore cut-throat. Grabbing your backup set of items and trying to hunt down your killer to get your stuff back is so much fun. While permadeath is cool, it prevents a lot of the recovery aspect of cut-throat.

I am not sure what the split would be on this, but I believe there are probably a lot of people who would like a king of the hill type hardcore mode versus the revenge type standard mode. One problem with standard league is the power creep. Levels will keep going up and killing someone will be less cathartic. I suppose you might mess up a build if it is gear dependent, but not a real victory. Not like making them fight back to the top of the hill.

Chris wrote:
Preventing players from forming parties helps solve the roaming-death-squad problem while also opening up some awesome friendly fire situations. You have to really trust your friends if they could take advantage of your low health by firing a few well-placed fireballs and taking your gear.

I am all for this. Think it is awesome. People should fear friendly fire.

Chris wrote:
Cut-throat world areas could probably have much lower timeout times (i.e. close after only a few minutes of inactivity) so that there isn't a big list of empty areas when you try to select one that has people to fight.

No real opinion on this.

Chris wrote:
To help prevent the worst cases of griefing, we'll probably be introducing rules that prevent you entering areas that have low level players in them. While people with better items will always pose a major threat, you won't have to fight people substantially higher level than you.

My opinion is Terraces through Upper Prison +/-3 levels. Prisoner's Gate through the rest of act 1 normal +/-4 levels. Acts 2 normal +/-5 levels. Acts 3 normal +/-7 levels. Cruel difficulty can be +10 levels. Merciless is open.

Chris wrote:
There may be merit to experimenting with changes like limiting people to certain difficulty levels, effectively moving the end-game down to lower levels and encouraging players to stalk those who are trying to grind for experience.

This would really only make sense in a Hardcore league where levels would liklely stay lower due to character death. In a standard mode, I would prefer to see players pushed forward by giving each instance a max level that can enter.

For instance: Terraces through upper submerged passage can only be over leveled 3 levels. Ledge through the rest of act 1 normal can be over leveled by 5 levels. Acts 2 and 3 normal can be over leveled 7 levels. Cruel difficulty can be +10 levels. Merciless and all town instances are open. Once a character is over the maximum level, the instance cannot be entered.
Waypoints would need to be added to boss lairs to avoid people bypassing bosses.
Thanks chris for the awesome news! I am not in a rush for u guys to slop the pvp together but I just like communication about whats going on with the game, so thanks again for keeping us up to date!
I cant wait for Gloria Victis
I Stream PvP
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PK massacre,
I have an idea to restrict big party roams a little bit but still make it possible. You could make it so the party size of the original maker of the instance is the party size cap that can enter that instance. So if I am farming by my self and a party of 5 wanted to come get me they would have to break their party up and at least their aoe will now friendly fire. Also if I was farming with my buddies in a 3 man party a 5 man party would have to split up a little and would make it harder for them to coordinate who to attack in the heat of battle.

Playing in most of the cut-throat tests I have to say sc cut-throat is much more enjoyable. I love the idea of having multiple gear sets and hoarding items you would normally vendor. One thing I think though is pots should drop. I can understand gems not dropping, but it isn't to hard to make people have potion sets. It would increase the value of potions and to stock up on them.

All in all I cant wait for cut-throat!!
Suggestion: Do NOT drop skill gems. Instead, on death, remove skill gems from socketed gear the player is wearing before dropping the items. Place these gems into either the player's inventory or a separate "skill gem inventory", thus eliminating the full inventory case.

This is pretty much mandatory for cut-throat PoE since class skills are directly tied to gear.
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Completed 13 ChallengesNicksiren wrote:
Suggestion: Do NOT drop skill gems. Instead, on death, remove skill gems from socketed gear the player is wearing before dropping the items. Place these gems into either the player's inventory or a separate "skill gem inventory", thus eliminating the full inventory case.

This is pretty much mandatory for cut-throat PoE since class skills are directly tied to gear.

That is how it is already.
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I think the potions should drop I think it would add a little more value to potions.

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