1.1.0 Patch Notes - Sacrifice of the Vaal

I "get" the spell totem cast speed change in light of changes to spell/elemental damage, but how do we justify the ranged attack totem?

Further more, my current build uses dual spell totems for Summon Raging Spirit, not affected by spell damage, so this is a direct and medium level nerf to the damage I can do with that set up. 30% less is a pretty steep hit for my build, but adding on the 50% less damage already on totems still seems harsh for any actual spell.

I'd personally love seeing this changed to 15 - 20% less, or just leaving it as additive as there aren't a lot of viable spell totem builds at the moment. Nothing that people are swarming the forums with like they did with low life, rf, sporker back in OB before it was nerfed hard.

This feels like a preemptive, proposed nerf to totems, not a direct response to any immediate OP totem build.

+11111111. Same thing here with dual spell totems for Summon Raging Spirits. It's not OP, and yet fun to play for me (funny to watch mostly). Without good enough buffs to caster/totem cast speed passives, spells like SRS take a big hit from that spell totem nerf with no way to compensate, unlike elemental damage spells which are getting damage buffs.

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Sigh. Now how am I ever going to get to sleep?

Off the forums for a while. To play around, and to avoid the inevitable whining when everyone sees just how much the Circle of Life got reduced. Have fun!
Except the new content this patch is nerfs, nerfs and even more nerfs. Plus creating more legacy items to further destabilize standard economy. I was looking forward to this expansion and to play PoE again. Not so much anymore.
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How can you call this a passive skill tree balance?

"Vaal Pact no longer suppresses life recovery from flasks. It still prevents life regeneration and now also reduces your leech by 60%."

A 60% nerf of Vaal Pact is huge!!! On top of that it effects so many builds loads of players have invested time and effort in. Come now guys!!! A 40% nerf would of been more acceptable but 60% is ridiculous.

Most CI builds are useless now.

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i have 2/3 stash tab full of ilvl 68 map drop light quivers and 1/3 stash tab full of 70+ quivers. woop!

why nerf summoners more? wtf is wrong with u idiots...
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Barandis wrote:
Wait a minute, you won't even be able to get an item quantity gem from quest rewards anymore?

Item Quantity gems haven't been quest rewards for some time. I'm not sure exactly when, but the Internet seems to think 1.0.0. So the only way you've been able to get it for a while is as a drop, and that won't be available anymore either. IIQ is altogether long gone, except for a bit left on some unique items.

And buying items from before the patch, of course.

ooohhh... duh. ok, i guess if i didn't notice that, i won't miss anything... LOL. and the basic item quantity all around has been modified, so I guess it will all work out.
So let's sum this patch up:
- more gated content
- more RNG through Vaal orbs
- leech nerfed
- summoner nerfed
- spell totems nerfed
- early and mid ST nerfed
- scion nerfed
- Life based characters slightly nerfed
- Elusiveness notable removed
- vaal pact nerfed
- Berserking nerfed
- crit multi nerfed
- couple of uniques nerfed
- drop rates nerfed through removal of IIQ

- barrage
- desecrate
- burning arrow
- fireball
- ES nodes
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No mod action. Business as usual.
The updated patch notes alleviates some of my concerns, but the game's balance has more problematic issues than simply "rebalancing some nodes" will be able to solve. I will keep an eye out for some positive changes.
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Bug Fixes:
People were using cyclone for actual melee builds, so we nerfed it and made blade vortex. Also, we went ahead and made cyclone great for CoC casters while we were at it.
Isnt the nerf to Bringer of Rain a bit big ?
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I'll switch back to D3 - this shit sux hard! You are ruining the game step by step by creating a two-class society of LEGACY and NON LEGACY GGG! This is simply not acceptable!
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