Seraph Armour Skin Microtransactions in SotV

GGG "might" get more revenue with cheaper prices has been said after every single mtx they have put in the game. They are obviously happy with their pricing since it hasn't changed after all this time. People can always wait for daily deals on the pieces, however long that wait may be.

They just hired a new developer. It also shows they are still hiring. An indie company wouldn't do that if they didn't have the revenue. All in all, there is only a few details we know.

1. Helm skins are and always have been 200+. This set contains one. All the other pieces are also skins.
2. Despite prices, They are still hiring new people.

With this information, we can make an EDUCATED guess that their pricing is fine, and this set will be expensive. Otherwise, they wouldn't be hiring, they would lower prices on old items to entice sales, and future pricing would probably be lower.

Also, PoE is the first F2P of its kind. Even if there was a 20/80 rule (i doubt it), it wouldn't apply since this game is unique
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Just glad you're doing compromises guys,there were a few guys in forums lately screaming to buy some winged crap,however most of community was clearly against it,and what you just created satisfies both sides!
The artist deserves an applause for this!
Pretty awful... Just saying...


Nobody is forcing you to play...just saying...
instead of makin sets ingame make mtxs...
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Furthest possible depiction of a 'Serapth', not impressed. y no 6 wings?

Edit: Where are all the people who constantly bashed DiabloIII for being too flashy and cartoony? PoE is on the next level.
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7000 commits? I'm surprised you don't delegate and have people spit out a commit log themselves and send you a quick email of what they fixed, or track it in something like JIRA and just say "screw it" to what you miss that the developers fixed under your radar. After all, patch notes are largely just overhead. We'll find out soon enough what you missed when we start playing.

Regardless, best of luck getting those patch notes together. From experience, simple code reviews of a developer's ~20 commits can take awhile in and of itself, and depending on developer laziness, not all commits have the best notes attached. I'd be utterly frightened looking at 7000 separate commit notes and trying to compile patch notes. I just hope for your sake that you're utilizing a good branching system to avoid having to diff your patch notes against the patches between 1.0.0 and 1.1.0.

Also, you realize that if you keep growing your business, that 7000 commits might be...say...20000 the next 4 month release. Or 50000. You might want to figure out how to handle that if you want to keep your sanity in the face of people screaming for patch notes. ;)

As for the MTX, it looks good. I'm more a fan of skin transfers and particle effects, but everybody's tastes are different, and if it gets you some money, I'm all for it. Don't let the naysayers get to you these last days before your four-month release.

Best of luck!
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why no Marauder in Seraph armour? :/
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Ty for scam <3
Peenk wrote:
Furthest possible depiction of a 'Serapth', not impressed. y no 6 wings?

Edit: Where are all the people who constantly bashed DiabloIII for being too flashy and cartoony? PoE is on the next level.

...? Quit spewing bullshit.
Completed 20 ChallengesMarxone wrote:
why no Marauder in Seraph armour? :/

Because he doesn't want to spoil the fact you can now buy pants?
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