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Did you notice the guy in the grey shirt on the left. In the first picture he is in the back chair on the left and in the second he is closer.....

Sorry had to do it.
Does anyone know what Corrupted means yet?
IRC is just multiplayer notepad.
Completed 12 Challengeszackiz wrote:
Does anyone know what Corrupted means yet?

Just means it has something to do with the Vaal and their corruption. Obviously being "corrupted" changes things, such as adding implicit modifiers, or giving an item additional modifiers. In the case of skill gems, it appears to change them rather drastically in some cases.
I don't care about any of that I just want some chaos skills that don't suck, maybe some spells and maybe make the mobs change color or something to show they are poisoned. I hope maybe this path contains some kind of new chaos skill. Sorry if I sound a bit bitter but chaos skills were my favorite part of d2 and it would really change the gameplay for me.
What kind of laptops are those?
Completed 20 Challengesjeonitsoc wrote:
fourth page!!!!

gg ggg!

edit: OH COME ON...

first post on page 5

the "oh come on" got me, i lol'd

Today i just had the thought that if chris and company died flying back from the states, they'd leave a hole in my heart..

I sat and contemplated it for a while, made me realize how happy i am they are doing what they are doing, it is the only game out there i really really like at the moment.
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I really hope Ambush is the new HC league. From what it looks like Ambush has strongboxes full of monsters/something good? while Invasion just has monster variety in all zones...seems pretty dull in comparison.
1beb wrote:
What kind of laptops are those?
I can't wait. I love GGG AND POE... Best company and best ARPG. <3
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