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first page
so those chests/safes from Ambush are pretty much what we predicted them to be
IGN JustifiedF
Can't wait for the update!
IGN: LiveD_LivE
Are we there yet?

Looks great.
OB: BazzVone - 83 Dual Spork Totem Templar /w CI and minions
CB: BazzVfourteen - 80 Dual Spork Totem Templar /w CI
CB: BazzVtwo - 73 Dual Spork Totem/LS Templar
CB: BazzVseven - 76 Lightning Strike Mara
CB: BazzVfive - 78 Lightning Strike Mara
That's what i guessed molten shell was going to be, glad i got it right :P
Holy Crap, Vaal molten shell against tentacle miscreations would be insane
if ambush gets a sweet treasure chest i hope invasion has a reward too!
Drink Bud Light
I could not be more exited for SoTV!!!
what if you scour the boots? will it remove the implicit ms?

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