Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #4

Wow, 8 affixes :)

I hope any item corrupted can will be able to have 8 affixes, not just maps. That's exciting :)
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Ice nova has no support gems but the corrupted gives it a [0]. The fact that the ability is still lit and usable makes me think corrupted gives it stacking charges of some kind. Something like cast 3 times and the 3rd is a massive nuke or maybe some kind of special pulse push or freeze.

Just my first thoughts, anyone else have ideas what [0] could mean?
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Nice trees. The area looks improved/new. A lot of green.

Are those new skills on the bar or? one looks like it would be LA.

But I don't dig the glow around the box. Too out of place. may I suggest some kind of enhaced/corrupted soil underneath, for visibility, instead of that astral glow?

But I like the box design. makes me wanna take it home :-3

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Come with a new act, items and maps! then we all will be happy
Corrupted Ice Nova.
8 Affixes on Maps.
Ambush League apparently having random Safes in zones, that may have free lewt, or mobs waiting to pop out and "AMBUSH" you?

Interesting... :P
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Damn, that just means I set the bar for all future Leagues... RIP >_<
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Send me a PM on here, I check it all the time :)

The "0" looks like a blood drop if you zoom in using photo shop. :-P
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spoiler alert
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Magic chest? :D

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