Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #4

(Neither are cutthroat Leagues, THAT'S SEPARATE)

Good news!
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please tell me that it doesn't open up 6 blues, 5 whites and a couple of scrolls.

Don't be silly, you might get a blue or two if you're lucky!
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FIreskull wrote:
(Neither are cutthroat Leagues, THAT'S SEPARATE)

Good news!

Yeah. :)
I don't like any cutthroat type league.

1 week cutthroat races should be created for those who love that.
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please tell me that it doesn't open up 6 blues, 5 whites and a couple of scrolls.

Don't worry there won't be any blues or scrolls in it.. only whites..
Maybe it's like a mini map loot box? Click on the box and drop a currency orb on it for tougher ambush but better loot? Course, if you know it's coming it's not much of an ambush...

No cutthroat for me thanks - I'm bad enough at the game without some teenybopper killing me an stealing my shitty but hardearned RNG.
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I am but speculating here but it seems to me that the two new leagues, Ambush and Invasion, have one thing in common -- the corrupted world -- and that the names relate to how you may enter the corrupted world ( or in the former case, maybe being ambushed by some creatures ).

I am also quite certain that all these corrupted items will be exclusive to the corrupted world, and will drop from its foul inhabitants. Quite certainly this includes gems, and items, with a chance that some sockets will be white -- or a recipe of sorts. ( or both ).

The layered instances, which seem to be able to roll typical blue map affixes, sort-of-remind me of MoC ( Maelström of Chaos ). Perhaps its supposed to play a similar role. That i think, would be really cool, had that been true.

Looking forward to the full reveal.
pic looks like a cheap cursed chest fake from reaper of souls
You are AWESOME!!!
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