Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #4

mm nice
IGN = LmSke
8 bonuses? wut?
The hype is killing me.
IGN: swampassking, yellingman, pisswailer, screamingasshole, crabass, funman, shittingtodeath, hirasawayui
Large chest revisited....
Safe chest dropping currency!!! NICE!

Thx chris for showing US that coorrupted add extra mods
[Removed by Support]

Beyond is the Donald Trump of league mods
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Such hype
Extra explicit modifiers on corrupted maps? Neat.
fph ~ Orbs work in real life. I exchanged my ex for a lot of regrets.
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Am I still on first page?
So it seems that Corrupted maps can spawn with more mods on them than normal maps, but the mods don't seem different. Of course, the fact that they can spawn more is certainly more than fine and curious if they can spawn others that regular maps can't.

As far as the screenshot...I am reminded of the 'Lost Number' battle from FFVII looking at that safe/lockbox thing.
Looking good!

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