Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #4

I'm loving these teasers. Can't wait till new leagues start!
I should be working on instead of playing PoE!
I hope thats a chest that spawm bossezzz :D

Anyway Ultra Affix Maps DAMN :D
some people claiming that they can do ANY MAP in the game will have to rethink about their statment when they get a 8-affix madness, lol.
3rd page!

I hope there 4 unique mob mods :)

red dot on spell is pin short cut?
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Ambush league, safes spawn in zones and on opening mobs will swarm you from offscreen
Chris,any new skills for the patch,or just the new corrupted versions?
just cant wait :) looking very interesting - all of the teaser shots
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Meow meow secret mission meow


Completed 14 ChallengesAusterlitZ wrote:
Chris,any new skills for the patch,or just the new corrupted versions?
I hope we get a tasty new ice skill. Ice hasn't been getting the love that fire and lightning have over the past few patches as far as "Well designed skills that balance damage against utility" go.

Anyway, the safe looks interesting. Hopefully it's got some interesting gameplay mechanics tied to it.

(Also, corrupted ice nova? Count me in).
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Corrupted maps, nice!

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