Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #4

Now what exactly is in that box?! Im sooooo curious..... i want the expansion NAO! :D
Alright i know what's inside. A blow up doll, A pack of condoms, And Some King Cobra 40oz's
So chests can have rarity now? Blue chest? That looks cool. I bet unique chests are awesome.
What is that skill on the right mouse button click?
How come all the monkeys in the jungle didnt notice it and start to observe the strange object? Like
D3 treasure goblins's escape portal is an entrance to Wraeclast
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Thanks Chris
IGN: Kunigaikstis
I'll be honest, a 20th century bank safe looks way out of place.
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Is it really a chest? Not sure. To me, it looks more like a box with a button on it. Does it trigger something in relation with area corruptions or with those "ambushes"? Maybe those boxes appear randomly in certain areas and you need to activate them all in order to start/stop/open/close something.
magic chest - u gonna get ambushed by magic mobs

Unique chest - Ambushed by a horde of unique mobs :O
Isn't the corrupted Ice Nova symbol a bit small?
Wouldn't a changed color look better?

So corruption might reverse effects of Auras.

Vitality becomes a Degen Aura.

Cyclone Pulls.

Wonder how corrupted Support gems would work.

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