DarnDoesFireTrap - Pocket Discharge - HC/SC #3 One Week Build -- Insane Clear Speed - UPDATED

look few posts up to my tree, some nodes+ dex + gear+dex...
Anyone have any video of them mapping with this build?
There is a video in the orignial post.
I've been playing this in Ambush. I'm not a guy who has much time to play, so I have no Searing Touch etc., and I'm piss broke. Right now I'm using a cheap 3L blue +1 fire gems scepter with mana regen, with a no-quality Fire Trap supported by Ele Prolif and Chance to Ignite, and a shield with spell damage. It's doing great through Act 2 Cruel so far. The only things that don't die very quickly with a curse and a fire trap or two are some high-HP uniques. I just drop a Searing Bond (no support gems) next to them and they fry like eggs. Low-level clarity keeps up with my mana needs so far.

I just keep grabbing every white Long Staff I can find and hit it with a Chance orb, maybe it will work for me eventually, but for now this scepter and shield setup works just fine. The extra block is kinda nice.

Have to say this is the best build I've tried so far, and I don't even have the "required" gear. Great fun to lay down a couple of traps and a decoy totem around a strongbox and watch everything die instantly when you trigger it. Only rogue exiles and rares live long enough for me to even see what they were.
Define "overlevel"
czarny1910 wrote:
I'm using ES instead of life+armour. More survi for me, a lot more...

currently lvl 73. 5,5K ES with aura, no mana probs with aura.


tree planned


how exactly do you plan on dealing with stuns?
Act 2 Merc and level 60 now, and I just managed to get a 5S 4L Searing Touch for 1 exalt, and even got 5 Chaos change, so I feel like I made out. I was wrecking things without the ST, and now it's just kinda silly. :P I've never felt any need to stay in an area and "overlevel", I've just been going through the story as quickly as possible.

Love this build. Terrible gear (self found except the ST) and it still works great so far.

build looks inefficient, seems like u can find better nodes to take. Even at a first glance, u shoulda took the int node in the Templar tree instead of the int + dex nodes, save urself 1 point right there ,or gain 20 dex for free, and other stuff too, build seems average at best
If someone need gear for this build...

Anyone have any thoughts on how best to MF with this build towards end game?

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