DarnDoesFireTrap - Pocket Discharge - HC/SC #3 One Week Build -- Insane Clear Speed - UPDATED


Tedious enduring cry spamming, get your charges. Ah fuck the rare did not ignite. Discharge is just too painful. This build solves all those problems and more. Basically making all other builds obsolete. You clear fullscreen of mobs with one trap even in a 6 man party, including the rares.


Note: Updated the tree to make it more fun to play. Easier to run AA and picked up the king of trap nodes "Clever Construction"



Required items.
4L Searing Touch does the trick to some extent, you still want a 5L for the end game.
20Q Firetrap
(REMOVED CURSE RING AND/OR BOOTS for some extra survivability. Still recommended if you want to destroy mobs.


I started using two methods for different situations where firetrap did not quite do the trick fast or safe enough. I would use Flameblast in my searing touch for massive damage, just swap out elemental prolif. Swap weapon is +3 firewand and Saffels Frame. Wand is linked with Fire Penetration, Conc Effect and Firetrap. If I had a corrupted Empower I would use it instead of conc


Get to chamber of sins and overlevel. Once you are in merciless and done chamber of sins to level 66 or so. Go to catacombs and overlevel again.

I went from level 1 to 75 in less than 20 hours. Granted I did get a boost from cruel a3 to merciless a2.

Normal: Oak
Cruel: Kill all
Merciless: Kill all


Short and sweet. Throw a decoy totem, throw one trap. Everything dies in a blink of an eye.


Insane clear speed, if not the fastest.
Can do most map mods.
One shot almost everything in the game, including the bosses.
No problems with reflect or corrupting blood.

No Lifeleech.
No Regen is a pain.

71 Arachnid Nest (Highest map I had )

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What gem would you sacrifice is your Searing Touch was 5L?
4L: Chance to ignite, ele prolif, inc burn, firetrap
5L: Chance to ignite, ele prolif, inc burn, firetrap, conc effect

sixth gem should be either empower or fire pene, tbh dont really notice a difference with em.
Ok thanks. Luckily I just 6L my Searing Touch, so I'll go with your gem choices for now. Would you change any of the support gems if you were using a Kaom's Heart instead of a Carcass Jack?
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Nice build.
IGN: Standard/FuheiRabbit; Ambush/I_Dont_Need_Pants
I have done this with kaoms and yes its a dps/survivability boost, but I prefer the AoE of carcass. Dont have to hit traps so close to the mobs. I will spec this build later to use Taming, Kaoms and Hrimnors helm just for the extra DPS. Just to see the dps. So no need to switch any gems.
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nice build but i was thinking why not use sinner tricorne and get some more mana regen to maybe run artic armor + you can use summon skeletons and spell totem to deal with bosses
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^ I'm going to try to do that with my variant of this build. I'll pick up EB as well. It will be tricky to gear, but I'll update my progress on this threaed.
Any progression tips on a skill tree? And for dom 1week race would you make any change to the tree?

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