DarnDoesFireTrap - Pocket Discharge - HC/SC #3 One Week Build -- Insane Clear Speed - UPDATED

Completed 36 Challengesnv314961 wrote:
^ I'm going to try to do that with my variant of this build. I'll pick up EB as well. It will be tricky to gear, but I'll update my progress on this threaed.

In the end its one the easier builds to gear. Just get HP/RES gear. If you are lucky, you´ll find some fire % damage gear which is not necessary. Just remember that its all about the level of your gems.
Completed 11 Challengesbacardi5 wrote:
Any progression tips on a skill tree? And for dom 1week race would you make any change to the tree?

Rush burn nodes, damage over time nodes, aoe nodes etc. skip life. There isnt nothing to change really, that would boost dps.
OutKast20 wrote:
nice build but i was thinking why not use sinner tricorne and get some more mana regen to maybe run artic armor + you can use summon skeletons and spell totem to deal with bosses

yeh ive thought about arctic armour, would help out. I used to have saffels and +3 fire wand for stuff like temple piety etc.
Currently level 61 with this build. Can't wait until I'm 70 until I can equip all of the gear and gems. Fortunately I have all the gear I plan on using:


•The gems will be leveled ones when I reach ~lvl 70. There are just placeholders.
•Elemental Weakness will replace Vulnerability.

I'm also opting to take more life than OP did on the passive tree, but I'll start collecting the dot and trap nodes around level 80+.
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This was actually my first tree of the build, before the damage over time nodes were introduced. I ran Grace&Determination, and I think I went bloodmagic clarity. Really tanky, high hp and damage was more than enough.

The build I am using now is focused more on dps because I played with it in a 6 man party.
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My templar has a full respec, thinking of going this route. Is it even worth building if I cant get the quality gems?
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Quality gems are a huge boost
Completed 11 Challengesbacardi5 wrote:
Quality gems are a huge boost

: / not sure I want to cut cost on getting a 4L searing touch just so I can get a couple 20% gems. Aside from the 20% Fire Trap,which others should take priority?
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Well fire trap is the main one, others are curses i guess but thats not mandatory.
Firetrap is the #1 priority for quality. Rest gives more ignite duration and chance.. They are nice to have but not necessary. After firetrap I would go for quality increased burning damage.

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