How the Open Beta launch went for us

How the launch was for me.

im like a lost soul in the sea. looking for something to grab for a while.... after the L2 legaci, D2 LOD and other Hardcore Gamer (baldur gate, EO, and more) i was upset whit the last release (tera, D3, even other game that was **hardcore** but down dump).

And one day, like any other day. a SHOUT CAME FROM NOWHERE... my dear brother who lurke the web whit me tell me the word that will change my life...

Hey max, have you see the video + beta of Path of Exile. it may be a game we will like/love.

it didn't take me more that a sec to turn around and rush my first computer... we where in 2011 near 2012. i eat (yes i do XD) litteraly about a hundred of page talking about Path of Exile. have watch a lot of, see a lot of your conference. i got exited at one point i didn't know it still exist in me (remember me FF7, Legend of Dragoon) ALL WAS THERE, the quality, the gameplay, the game himself.

i haven't found a bad point yet.... and god know how hard i have try to find one.

i still pay for rift, so my time is divided by these 2.... but Men, i have never had such fun from a long long long time.

and belive me i STAY up to 3AM to play D3 at the launch. WAS ONE OF THE WORST DAY I HAVE. order a game and NOT be able to play realy piss me off.

while i got in and support you a bit. i wish i would have spport you more.

i know a lot of my friend got hock up and can't play something else that your game.

for me.... GGG is SSS quality of game !!!!

GG from a quebecois !!
Great Job guys, with everything! Ive been a hardcore diablo 2 gamer for 12 years, And im switching to PoE now! You have my support!
You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much for bringing us this awesome game! I really appreciate it!
This game is by far the best ever since D II keep on the good work. Show all those big developers how it´s done!! will buy some support stuff in the future!

Congrats GGG for this awsome game, launch and anything :D

Anyone should try this game and who doesn´t is an ignorant idiot ^^

Support these guys if you can afford it they do an awsome job.
I am taken aback at the personal touches, input and updates you give - given the position you hold. Humility is my most admired trait in a person, I don't see the success and attention going to any of your heads. You deserve all the fruits of your labour and may they be many, you've done a fantastic job with this game and I treasure those few hours I get to play when I get home from work.

No launch is perfect but you guys were realistic and made provision as much as you could and things turned out great despite the massive influx of players you received - and constantly upgrading and rolling out fixes so quickly is yet another thing to be commended.

Thanks Chris and GGG for all your efforts and sleepless nights to bring us such a gem of a game.
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This game is incredibly fun to play. The skills, trade and charakter development form is unique for this type of game. It is simply a better and more flexible. The game is beautiful and has a great atmosphere.
Want to me be honest and expose my inner "nerd"? This is hands down, the only game that I have ever really been this interested in. With my spare time I managed to run a little marathon with myself (bear in mind I started playing this game 3-4 days ago.) I played the game for approximately 14 hours straight getting from level 22 to level 40 during that time span.

Never, ever has a game been able to engross me for a total of more than maybe 6-7 hours at a time. This game in a matter of three days managed to get me so engrossed within it's rich, indulging atmosphere that I managed to lose myself in it's world for over HALF a day. That is absolutely major for me.

For me, that's pretty intense. I've always loved video games, but clearly not as much as I love PoE! I hope to spend a long, long time continuing my obsessive marathons of PoE. Within reason of course!

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