How the Open Beta launch went for us

Lovely game, light enough for the casuals and complex for the more hardcore. I regret to not been able to help with ingame support, hope my little money contribution helped you guys.

I believe you can make an exemplar to all "little" companies out there waiting for their chance.

Keep up!
I've just bougth the 20$ bundle because i think it's the best way to share my gratitude with you guyz. But i wanted to say it to you too. I'm a web dev so i can barely imagine what are you doing rigth now. But you doing it sooo good.

You are awesome team. Keep going !
Congratz on the open beta launch! Thank you so much for the Action RPG we are all wanted. This game is truly amazing. Simply the Smoothest open beta launch I have been on in a long time. I can't wait to see what the future holds! :D

Regretfully I didn't buy any support packs, but i will be making transactions in the shop to show my support!
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Great that I can now have a game that can take away my D3 and TL2.
Game or no game, you'll never escape the imagination - PoE.
Grinding Gear Games,

This is my very first post on your website since I've joined the Closed-Beta right after the first Open-Weekend. I bought the Bronze Kiwi Pack just a week before the Open-Beta to support you guys; the kiwi and the credits were just bonuses.

I'm glad to hear the Open-Beta Launch went smoothly. You seem to have a wonderful team, and a wonderful game. I am absolutely in love with Path of Exile. Ever since the first time I've played it on that Open-Weekend, it's been growing on me. I haven't played such a fun, satisfying, addictive, refreshing, and amazing game like this one in a long time.

Keep up the good work, and enjoy the praise you are receiving and will, I am sure of it, still receive in the future; you deserve all the merit you will get.

I respect and adore Grinding Gear Games very highly for putting together such a game. This is Hardcore Action RPG at its best. Very happy to see there are still passionate developers out there that make games not for money and the masses, but for themselves and dedicated players.

Smile and be proud; you have achieved what few ever do.

Merry Blind
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This is what Diablo 3 should have been, Its like you listened to all the players feedback and created the game we actually dreamed of!
I would not be supprised if Diablo 3 expansion pack is a total flopp becous all the players are now PoE supporters.

Thanks for making the game we wanted!!
Now what else can I support after getting all things from the shop ? :)
Game or no game, you'll never escape the imagination - PoE.
I love how you guys just telling us about your $earnings$ and players etc..
This shows a great gamedevspirit, that you not doing this for the money!
Ofc everyone needs a salary, but other dev's are so greedy, no names . B....... and that shows in the game..!

Keep up the lovely work! You have a great fanbase! Be proud! :)

Awesome game :)

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