How the Open Beta launch went for us

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Congrats to Grinding Gear, Good read.
I'd be happy to help you guys out with your enquiry-overload but I live in Wellington :(. For what it's worth I'm at Vic uni, about to enter my last trimester of study.

EDIT: I forgot to say how proud I am for a New Zealand game studio to be doing so well. Soon you will be as well known as Sidhe! Btw, did you guys know your game is currently attracting the second highest viewer count on
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Chris wrote:
Sales have of course much more sane in Open Beta now that we're not selling Kiwi packs or Closed Beta keys and players have a lot of microtransaction credit to spend before they need to top up.
I think you a word.
You guys are amazing - thanks for everything and may you reap endless benefit from the joy that you've sown! Cheers!
Grats on OB!! Good luck with the next 10 years :))
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You guys made a new drug for me.
I haven't slept much for past two days. In fact, I haven't felt like this since I first played Diablo 2 back in the day.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to finally play a game that requires all my skills and brains to master ! : D
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Awesome read.

Really, stellar job by all of GGG and the mod team. I am amazed at how well (and how ethically) everything is being handled.

Special props to the fast responses to the community regarding microtransaction mechanisms.

Argh, my last exam is in three hours... I haven't been able to play OB yet, but this evening that will change!
Im impressed, i feel like im apart of the start of something greater then myself. thanks for sharing all these stat fugues with us, it makes me feel like we the players of your game is more then just a number..
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Really cool to see you guys being so open and honest to the players.

Big thank you is well deserved and hope you guys had as much fun as we do!

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