How the Open Beta launch went for us

Well, like it has been said In Game this launch was extremely smooth for the players and we were very pleased with it.

Once again, good job and thank you ! :)
Very nice read Chris,

Congratulations to the whole team on such a successful launch.

Its been a long time coming; and I've been here a very long time, its been great to watch this develop over the past couple years!

The development has been very well handled, quick successive updates that have improved quality of everything throughout the game have been amazing to see come through.

Well done - Your efforts ARE appreciated.
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I wish the best luck to the DEV team, and congrats for the great game.

Could you please sent us the interviews links?

PS: great job
Nice to hear that almost everything went as it was intended to!!

I cannot say it often enough but you guys are awesome!!
Being a hardcore gamer and New Zealander myself, this makes me extremely proud.
After the massive failure of a once glorious series that will not be named, this is absolutely amazing.
Thank you GGG.
Awesome game, and awesome to be part of this. Thanks Chris, Jonathan and everyone at GGG. Hello from the Philippines (where you did no marketing). I'm here anyway :)
Agreed, a good read indeed.

Congratulations on your achievements and on your success in turning your yearslong dreams into reality.
Thanks you Chris, your doing awesome!
It's been fantastic, thanks so much GGG.
Blasting through act 3 for the first time on hardcore was one of the best gaming experiences i have ever had. Chris and ggg team you have made something truly amazing here!!

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