How the Open Beta launch went for us

Congrats and well done GGG.
Congratulations guys =)

Indeed this went really smoothly. My download speed was kinda slow but the game was very stable and no login queues.

Now that there are many public parties, even in Hardcore League, I've had some nice choes of Diablo II in Open Beta.

"Act 1 gogo"!
Reading this makes me wish I bought a better support back :) You guys are amazing, congrats to the whole GGG team!
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Was a good launch, Look forward to more news about it this weekend ^.^
Best Online Game Launch i had EVER! a few Disconnects nearly 0 Lags and no Error 37 ;) everything works smooth...

its funny to see how a Little Company can show the big ones how it should be done :D and now add PaySafeCard as payment method so i can buy this awesome things in the shop!
I don't want to diss other studios or other games so let's just say that *this* is the ARPG we've been waiting for since oh I don't know.. 13 years ago?

Seriously, I've just played for the past 6 hours straight.. I can't remember the last time I did that. :D

Thank you for your hard work and most of all, thank you for making it free!
Aside from a bluescreen right after 0.10 deployment, the game has been running smooth and steady. Great job handling the load.
Great job guys! :)
Way to put most of the AAA publishers to shame, that was the smoothest launch I've ever experienced.
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Hate to sound like a fanboy AGAIN, but the launch went way smoother than I expected and much smoother than that of most mainstream games. Great job and congratulations on reaching this milestone!
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