Path of Exile: 2013 in Summary

I wish you guys at GGG a happy new year!
Thank you for this great game and i wish you all the best in the future :)

And also a happy new year to everyone else in this community, hope you guys have a nice transfer onto the next year, either playing the game or doing whateever in the RL \O/
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may 2014 even beat the success of 2014 for you guys! well deserved!

loveya ggg <3

Don't Touch my Sweep please GGG!
Thanks for this amazing game and thanks for that u listen what your fans want and make it happen in game.

I wish to all your staff happy new year and even more successful 2014.

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1 in 500 people checked out path of exile THIS year. Holy shit dude! :O
Zero Unique Fish were caught.

But it wasn't due to a lack of bait, now was it? Classic...stuff like this is just another reason why I love GGG and PoE.

Congratulations on a very successful year Chris; it's been an absolute blast watching Path of Exile evolve from a promising but unpolished beta into an award-winning ARPG. Here's to more great times and accolades for GGG and Path of Exile in 2014, and I'll be here to help out however I can. Thank you giving us this magnificent game, and I wish you and everyone at GGG a safe, happy and prosperous New Year.
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well...we can't catch fish when you take away our fishing rods. happpy new year
I watched the Athene interview yesterday. I gotta say, it's refreshing and exciting to be a player of a game with a development team that is so down-to-earth and in touch with the player base.

Keep going like this, and don't forget to keep listening to us as you've been doing! I'll be here for a long time to come if this keeps up.

Congrats on the success, and Happy New Year to the GGG staff.
The game is dying where is pvp to save us all?
Happy New Year!!!

Anything like Steam sale coming up in future to Microtransaction shop? Like lets say on Easter every item in shop would be -33% or something like that?

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