Path of Exile: 2013 in Summary

Happy Birthday calendar! And wwooooooo Path of Exile!
Congratulations for the successful year 2013, I´m really looking forward to 2014!

And thanks for all your hard work to improve and extend PoE, and your fantastic behaviour towards the community!

Finally special thanks to the worldwide community, we made this possible with our support, and I will continue to support PoE for years to come. :-)

Happy new year @ all!
Große deutsche Community mit TS, Forum und Infos gesucht? ->
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Chris wrote:
Zero Unique Fish were caught.

It may be 2014 in New Zealand but we still got some time to go in other parts of the world.
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Congratulations all around. Looking forward to more in 2014. :D
Well done GGG, thanks for making an awesome game, now to kick back and play the New Year in ...Have a good New Year everyone
Best game ever, closing to beat Diablo 2 as my all time game/piece of art, happy new year to all!
Cheers form Uruguay
Long live path of exile !! Happy new year !! may all the upcoming years be even better ones!
Congratulations! Well done GGG! Happy new year!
Happy new year everyone :)
Pelerin of Wraeclast

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