Path of Exile: 2013 in Summary

Congrats on the progress you've all made with the game. Can't wait to see what goodies you have instore this year.

You'll have some stiff competition, so you guys better bring your AAA game.

Happy new year GGG from Bulgaria. You make best game from many years and i salute you for that. :) keep up a good work
Really good job GGG!.
Year 2013 was good for you guys but I think 2014 will be much better!. :)
Zero Unique Fish were caught.

what am I still doing here then? :P
Happy New Year and congrats GGG!
Finest Hardcore Gaming Guild ~Soldiers of the Wasteland~
Rock on, hold on and stay on GGG! :-) Happy new year! :-))
Happy New Year GGG, and congratulations on all success so far! You guys have done a great job in the last year, I know you will keep doing so in the new one!
Happy new year GGG!
Thanks for the great game. Everytime i login i got fun and enjoy anything i do in the game! Seems to be the greatest game out there for me!
Happy New Year!

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