Path of Exile: 2013 in Summary

I'm looking forward to catching a few brace of Unique fish in 2014. :-)
Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading. Oh and Gambling Loot boxes. And selling out to tencent.

I used to love GGG. I supported to ensure GGG remained independent, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-
Happy new Year
insane in the membrane
I love you guys, you've made a great game.

But damn this fishing rumor/trolling/whatever the hell it is!


Happy New Year folks.
"Witty remark."

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Well done GGG!
I wish you and your family's all the best in the new year! Happy new year everyone!
An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
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this is really epic GGG. i dont think many gaming comanies can claim that achievement. u guys are doin a really good job. do us all a favor and dont release any more support gems as main skills!!
[quote="Mark_GGG"]damage modifiers don't can currently can't apply to degen.[/quote]
"Getting all life nods on passive tree should give additional survival, not the mandatory basic survival."
Congratulations on the successful year! All the best in the new year and keep up the good work!
Pants of Textile
I'll just add: thank you all! Best wishes for 2014.
Architekturkritik, die man tatsächlich sieht!

Farin Urlaub
Happy new year and best wishes for 2014!

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