Path of Exile: 2013 in Summary

Thank you GGG and I wish you a happy new year! I wish you all gamers, no more desync's, more races, better schedules and whatever you want ;) And I hope GGG won't ever give up with making this game better and better for us ;)
Please let me know when you guys want to meet the fans in HK
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As a newbro who just picked this game up a little over a month ago, I just wanted to say thank you, very well done, and I look forward to enjoying this game for a long time to come...even if trading is a lot like staring into the abyss at times. ;)
Thank you GGG for this great game. I look forward to supporting you guys in the coming months.

Happy new year
GZ on the big succes over 2013 Chris and all the other staff of GGG!

Looking forward to all the content comming up in 2014 and the expansion of the player base so the game will last for a lot more years ;-)

For now:

Happy New Year!!

Maybe you guys visit the Netherlands in 2014? :-)
I don't always celebrate by wearing a headdress of feathers... but when I do, I wear a headdress of albino rhoa feathers.

Happy New Year!
We hit a peak of almost 70,000 people playing Path of Exile at the same time. We expect to beat this record as we localise the game to more countries next year!

Not gonna happen.
PoE Endgame is imo horrible and Games I consider having a horrible endgame lose 40% of the players every month.
Just look at Steamcharts.
And do you think players are stupid?
As long you the game is MMOesque with massive timeinvestment needed and Grindbased it will always fail.
I will never play PoE Endgamecontent anymore unless I can undo several horrible changes and remove poor mechanics.
You should understand why other games not requiring much timeinvestment have far more players.

And Asian ARGs/MMOs are "flashy". You can't see whats going on due to several explosions etc.
Even D3 doesn't match Asian standards.
And PoE combat looks ancient compared to them.

Path of Exile won numerous awards including GameSpot's 2013 PC Game of the Year.

We all know money went to Gamespot. Gamespot lost all of its low credibility after Kane&Lynch.
Chris, master fishing troll.
Hope the hangovers aren't too bad guys

Love the game, tis chuffing awesome

Bit early to say it's better than D2 but it's the closest game to beating it I've played

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Happy New Year GGG!

Thanks for being who you are, it's why this community is so loyal. Looking forward to all the cool new content in 2014.
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