Path of Exile: 2013 in Summary

1 in every 500 people alive visited

I like that part ;)

Can't wait to see what PoE brings in 2014!
Congrats on 2013!!! For 2014 I would love for GG to have an official mac client available through steam! :)
Happy new year to all of GGG and all my fellow community members, hope everyone has a blast and stay safe!

And thanks to GGG for making such a great game ... it's kept my attention for nearly a year :)

IMHO the best recent addition was the 4 month league system, it keeps everything fresh, and gives people like me with a short attention span a very good reason to play, and replay, and replay ...

I honestly cant wait for the new leagues, and yet I still haven't found all the shrines in Domination but still having fun : P
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Happy new year everyone!
Happy new year to all exiles, best damn game I've ever played!
Considering how many people were running around flaunting their fishing rods, I'm surprised zero fish have been caught
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You guys are fucking awesome, hope 2014 brings as much or better yet more success.
GGG, the ADA of gaming....huuuur i gotz mai skilz.
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Happy New Year to GGG and all the Exiles =)

Dear Exiled Santa!

In 2014 I want to find a Mirror because in 2013 I sure didn't find one in 10+ hours of playing every day hehe...
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