Path of Exile: 2013 in Summary

Thank you for this awesome game!!
10 months of playing, 10 months of fun!!

Please, when you'll localize POE leave items and skills (passives and gems) name in english!!

Happy New Year! <3
Thanks for this awesome year guys!!!

Happy New Year!

(and waiting for that uniqe fish ;) )
- Profession?
- Demon hunter.
- But demons don't exist.
- You're welcome.
Unique fishes? Are there normal fishes?

Happy New GGG Year for everybody!
"Embrace the darkness"
Jeez, not only do they celebrate New Year on the beach, they get to do it earlier too.

Well, Happy New Year to all the devs and community!
Wish the armchair developers would go back to developing armchairs.

congrats an all, but if you want to maintain what you said about feedback being important you should return to listen to us as before of game release
Congratulations on an amazing year! I'd like to extend a special congratulation to the half person in your previous development team (which was 17.5 in size) who is now made whole.
Great game and Great year!!! :D keep it up
Congratz GGG!!!

Happy New Year for all the team and KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOB!!!

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Thanks For the Good times GGG Happy New Year
Have a great 2014!

GGG <3
Such is the vastness of his genius, that he can outwit even himself.

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