1.0.4 Patch Notes

Bonomel1 wrote:
So absurd, yesterday when I was leveling me a new templar I thought: "hey, this added lighting damage gem feels kind of underwhelming, they should buff!"

And there it is...

Good one!

Same here. 1.2 years ago.
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Seems promising, glad to see steps are taken in balancing underused gems.
Wow, so glad about the fireball dmg being upped a bit! :) Was about to make a new char based on fire dmg skills ^^.

Really nice work guys!
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Completed 3 ChallengesSneakypaw wrote:
Raycheetah wrote:
"Incinerate: Now has a cast time of 240 milliseconds instead of 160. Damage has been increased by 77% per cast and damage effectiveness for supports has been adjusted from 20% to 30%. The number of stacks required to progress through a stage has been reduced to four casts."

Does this apply to Void Bearers, as well as to players? ='[.]'=

Just like the change to ground slam a while back, monster who use these skills will use the new version.

Well, ouch, then. Basic Descent races just got a bit more challenging. ='[.]'=
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Fire users getting a nice buff. I think that was needed.

The uncapped resistances being shown is a good addition, too. I've been wishing for that.

I haven't played in a week, I am going through PoE withdrawal! Damn holiday travels. I'm so excited to try the new patch out in January.

Could we get some options for chat size options? Maybe an in-game clock? At this point, it's just those little things I care about. The game is fundamentally outstanding.

Thanks for all of your hard work and congratulations on your new awards! Very much deserved. =)
Very nice patch :)
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Thanks for the patch!
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Not sure How I feel about the incinerate change.. love everything else but I could afford to cast incinerate forever before the change and now I run out of mana (mind you this is after 15 seconds).
Who knows anything about new recipes?
Fullblown firewitch here. Level 82, I use Fireball, Firestorm, Firetrap and Flame totem. Skellies for distracting the monsters. My build is slightly biased towards damage instead of life (read: I die too easily).

Reading about the Fire buffs.

My honest opinion:

Fireball was plenty strong already. In combination with Added Chaos it gave me good dps. The buffs are appreciated but not necessary. An increase in Fireball speed would have been much better.

Firestorm was also very strong, but the main disadvantage is that it's very slow. With Concentrated Effect, it's my main skill when I can get monsters to actually stop. A lot of fast monsters these days. I really don't see why it had it's area increased, because now to me, it seems like a nerf. If only Concentrated Effect could be stacked... . It would have been a lot better if the Fireballs were affected by Faster Projectiles, or if they would come down faster.

Lightning Shocking was always overpowered, Freezing monsters with Ice is a big advantage to stop them. In comparison, Burning did little to no damage before. Fire was always more of a raw damage skill. I think it did enough damage, but playing a Fire-build just always felt slow. That hasn't really been fixed.

Still, overall thanks for the buffs! Now to find a way to make Firestorm faster, more concentrated. Also, when can we get Fire Wall? It's the last great Fire spell really missing in my arsenal. And I would like 3D art for Infernal Mantle. Anime-themed :-)

Oh, and is there a way to get increased visuals and/or damage when you are really rampaging with fire? I use Flame Totem, Fire Trap and Firestorm at the same time sometimes, I'd love to just see the WHOLE F****** world BURN!

Thank you again! Happy Holidays from a loyal supporter!

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