1.0.4 Patch Notes

Added five new Unique items, two of which are designed by supporters. A special item has also been added for a supporter.

what was it??
есть русификатор к этой версии игры????
I am under the impression that the drop rate for Stone Hammers has been increased.
I tried to farm some Stone Hammers before patch, but little luck I had, made 10 runs and found only 4 hammers.
Farmming hammers for the chisel recipe became much easier after the patch release. In the same spot I went before release, I get an average of 3 hammers per run. That's 1 exalted worth in chisels every dozen runs or so!
Yeah, I know 10 runs before patch is kinda small sample, but still, anyone is under the same impression or am I the only one farming hammers?

(runs with my MF char - 115% IIQ - about 3 minutes each)
"Hey man, nice shot"
Brisa guild leader,
"All challenges" seeker.
how do i download the patch??

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