GGG Post Tracker (To Better Equip You to Stalk the Devs)

Could do with a search feature ^.^
Add too
You might want to add
Wow, this is a nice feature!! Thanks original poster! ^_^
/u/KamilOrmanJanowski got GGG tag on reddit, but is not tracked on

edit: made a pull request

edit2: I'm not very familiar with githib, is there a better way to make a pull request than making a forked repository, making changes in it and then making pull request from fork?
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Would be cool if you add tracking to their Facebook and Twitter page!
I am not a coder myself, so I can't check the code or add any feature myself.

so it begs the question: does this autoupdate (aka crawl forums/reddit for posts in a certain interval)? could this be added if it doesn't or would that be way too much effort for any developer?

other than that, love the site :)
Just dropped a thread in gen discussions before I came here (I panicked!).
Since this morning the forums are gone in there. Has this something to do with the new API? Please fix this sooooon! o.O
I came here to drink milk and kick ass...and I've just finished my milk.
Hey, /r/pathofexile mod here.

This is a full list of the reddit GGG accounts that Bex has verified to us as legitimate:

[chris_wilson, Bex_GGG, Negitivefrags, qarldev, BrianWeissman_GGG, Rory_Rackham, Omnitect, Mark_GGG, Daniel_GGG, Blake_GGG, RhysGGG, Dan_GGG, pantherNZ, Novynn, Fitzy_GGG, Hrishi_GGG, Felipe_GGG, Mel_GGG, Sarah_GGG, riandrake, Kieren_GGG, Hartlin_GGG, Baltic_GGG, KamilOrmanJanowski, Jeff_GGG, NapfelGGG]

Not sure if you have all these, but wanted to make sure.
Can we please get an option to hide all Xbox posts?

It's spamming the point of the site for a tiny tiny minority of its users.

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