GGG Post Tracker (To Better Equip You to Stalk the Devs)

There are a few GGG members who started posting on these forums recently and are not added to the tracker yet:


All three post predominantly in the Bug Reports forum, which makes following their posts especially valuable.
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It looks like something broke in the last few days about tracking the official forums. All the teaser posts / patch notes / etc for Delve aren't showing up.
Thank you for the fix. However the links to forum posts don't work. They all link to since August 28th.
Would anyone be so kind to suggest adding Jatin_GGG and the rest of new guys? I'm not familiar with Github.
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This forum is the most toxic place I've ever encountered. Someone who allows such must be either silly, evil, or both...
Hey man, great job on the tracker. Very helpfull ")
Any chance to add poe/bex/chriss twitter to the tracker?

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