GGG Post Tracker (To Better Equip You to Stalk the Devs)

Has this bot gone down? It seems to be missing post from the 26th and 27th of Nov
Fantastic work +1
@rz2yoj how have you been. Do you have any interesting projects going on IRL.?
GGG thank you for all the great things you are doing. You have combined every element of all other great Rpg's and joined them together as one Diamond, that will shine Forever.

This is coming straight from the heart <3
Tracker still down?
IGN Odminko, Orlangoor.
Uh, tracker is back up again. Thanks to who did it!
I came here to drink milk and kick ass...and I've just finished my milk.
If we could have a filter for only posts in our language that'd really clear up the league start feed. The english option includes a bunch of languages.
The site is more or less useless today, each news is displayed 10 times due to different languages. Do you have any plans to improve that?

You could add a filter that would hide every post that contains non-English characters, quite simple to do.
Might be a good idea to add /r/pathofexile2 as a tracked subreddit.

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