A Beginner's Guide to Racing

great info
Please RNG give me a fishing rod !
I agree. This is great info and very helpful. Thanks Brian!
IRISHx wrote:
So what are the chances of recieving some kind of points in any of the races for a 1st time casual gamer like myself. Whats an acceptable point target? 15 points? 300 points? etc. I did participate in one of the test races and enjoyed it so I'm just trying to get a feel for the races. If I'm not going to get any points, but complete the race, then I probably wont go long in the season.

Getting an average of 3 points per race you participate in should not be super difficult. With practice, 7-ish average wouldn't be too hard to get if you consistently get top 20 for your class.
IRISHx wrote:
So what are the chances of recieving some kind of points in any of the races for a 1st time casual gamer like myself.

The main goal is to be quick, to eliminate the most possible of all loss in time while rushing. (and of course, not to die) ^^

If you try to minimize the risks of loosing 'everything' (within the race), and are slightly firm with the general game (knowing what to expect and do, especially for the class and build you choose), you can solo expect around 3...5 points in each regulary event you participate. Some special races demand special preparation/tactics and/or have a much higher risk and are for that, special - and hard to calculate the expections (example: ancestral mode; and the most special of all: cut-throat)

In a group (which knows how to play) the risk is decreasing (as long as you can take care of yourself!), with a good group you can nearly always expect to reach the top-20 class-ranking.

The better you know your build, and the less others play this class, the better your chances for a high ranking - resulting in even more points. But this is sometimes hard to speculate and also mostly hard to do... just remember: dont die ^^
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Sexcalibure wrote:
OMG this is a long guide for saying
Dont race because:
-reward suck
- a select group of 20 people always win everything
-schedule is broken
-You actully lose allot of farming incomes since they dont want to give us currency rewards back
-Race performances is biased by RNG

Its actually fairly impressive that they have gone this long without learning much of anything.
Solid starter guide.

Some of the past demigods rewards for those who are curious:

Closed Beta:

Seasons 1-2:

Seasons 3-4:

Good luck in the upcoming season all, see you there!
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I had been looking into getting more serious about the races this season. This was the extra push I needed. Very much appreciated post Chris!

Thanks again for all your hard work GGG!
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
Oh, wow. Such awesome prizes in this race season. Can hardly wait. Hope only that Christmas will not f*&k up my racing. :D
Nice, looking forward to the new race season. There's a nice selection of rewards this season and the alternate art looks fantastic!
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