A Beginner's Guide to Racing

Sexcalibure wrote:
OMG this is a long guide for saying
Dont race because:
-reward suck
- a select group of 20 people always win everything
-schedule is broken
-You actully lose allot of farming incomes since they dont want to give us currency rewards back
-Race performances is biased by RNG

It's a little funny how you can say the same 20 people always win, yet it's very biased based on RNG. You can't possibly think these top 20 players always get amazing RNG, can you?
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sephonly wrote:
As I only play POE with a friend or two, I also second the idea that each race should have a solo version and a party version. One-hour solo should also start at same time as one-hour party =)

You can play a party race solo. Don't expect to win it that way, but you will get at least a few points.
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You can win party race if no one from good racers plays same hero as yours. Little luck and you got a demi.
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Can I transfer currency in stash in Invasion or Ambush legue after race?
Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.
Ekalindorskii wrote:
Can I transfer currency in stash in Invasion or Ambush legue after race?

If you says about rewards from races that means yes, you can. After '48-hours cut-throat race' my currency items from stash was transfered in standard league, but after others is not.
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Do we get the points if we die? (in hardcore race)

**Edit nevermind I found the answer (no points if dead). But I have another question-when is it safe to delete character and still receive points?
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When are the races coming back? I'd been playing exile for 3 weeks and would like to know when these might be coming??
nice events ty for you time
I think, with non-casting characters, to grab an iron ring if I can afford it.
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