Secret recipes and cryptic clues: The Goddess Scorned

Falcord wrote:
As I said in Charan's thread, I would love future riddles to tie in with other game mechanics too, particularly Races.

I can't be bothered racing because I'm not that competitive, but if Races had some collaborative element to them as well, I would love to give them another go.

It would be amazingly cool if you could find, through certain secondary objectives in races, "riddle pieces" that offer part of the information needed to decipher that month's Unique riddle, so people had to work together and race to obtain that information.

Man, this makes me imagine a team race where you have to kill mobs and loot hidden chests that drop certain items that combine in certain ways to become keys that open new areas..that could be really awesome if implemented correctly!
Goddess Bound+Elegant sword with matching sockets+1% chance to ignite and a fusing orb :3
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Charan, any spoilers on The Goddess Unleashed? :D

Let these ideas here help you design its final affixes:
-You can't be cursed
-This weapon counts as both one- and two-handed weapon (imagine the skill tree possibilities :D)
-Radiance aura (I wanna glow xD)
-1% MORE dmg with this weapon for each 1% of missing health (1% low life build here I come lol)
-Insane Apocalyptic Hellfire Footprints^^
-Critting with this weapon gives you a Power AND a Frenzy charge

Please make your last sword super duper interesting, too. I'm currently having tons of fun playing a glasscannon melee witch with Goddess Scorned, that item sure has some combo potential, it's insanely fun to theorycraft with it :D
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Not a fan of puzzles (even though I'm told I'm quite smart IRL, perhaps more so there than on forums... haha), but I enjoyed the read. It's always nice to know how developers come up with these things.
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I'd love to see guest "news posts" for those days where you don't really have any news to report. The ones that immediately come to mind would be Mark and brother laz talking about whatever feature or unique (respectively) they wanted to, giving info on how it was designed and why certain things are the way they are.
This was great. I loved following this.

And I really enjoyed reading this post as well. More of this please.
Great post!
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Chris wrote:
Thanks very much, Rhys!

This was our first guest news post - if you'd like to see more from other developers in the future, let us know!

Here's a vote for more. That was awesome. :)

Edit: One thing, though: wrong sword art! We need the full pommel arc, LOL.

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