Secret recipes and cryptic clues: The Goddess Scorned

6tom6 wrote:
Blood magic support gems do not drain my life at all, I use skills with BM and 2 other support gems and my life regens almost as fast as it degens from skills. And I use seething hollowed flasks. That is absolutely no problem.

The problem however is the INSANE monster damage. I mean what if I don't like life leeching? There are no alternatives for armour and life based players, are there?

I already have max resist, life on all gear, almost all life nodes I could obtain, Granites. And still I need life leech? What a joke man.

@GGG: Stop being poetic and buff life already ffs.

Oh and another thing: You know what I really want to invest in instead of life leech? MAGIC FIND, so that I can compete a little bit with other players and can effort decent gear. Soul Taker, 1000 exalt or so? How do you ever expect me to obtain that item? Right transforming everything I have to currency and invest everything I obtained after years of playing as a melee that could not effort MF because of the underpowered state of life.

I think you don't get the game, its a hack and slay, leach or die! expecially when you playing a melee. And you dont need all the resis, armor, life and life leach. You just need life leach!

And the last chapter makes no sense, MF and LL have here 2 different places! You can have both without loosing everything. But if you still need complaining, go play diablo3 there are a lot players like you. No idea but complaining all the time.

What the hell are you taking me for? I was a hardcore Diablo 2 player and hate Diablo 3 obviously because of the RMAH/Pay2Win.

Melee = leech or die? LOL! Life leech SHOULD BE a choice and definitely not a must. If it is a must it is totally contradicting the game's own concept. And I can't remember life leech being mandatory in Diablo 2?

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2h swords are in DIRE need of a end-game sword. Terminus is really lacking.
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I would love to see more dev posts like this. Yes!
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oh yes. more dev posts and meta-game riddles :D

regarding the frustrated melee player: there are not many builds without ANY form of leech. CI uses ES leech, HP uses life leech. Some uniques can help with avoiding leech but in the end in the endgame, you will have to use everything at your disposal to survive it. Charges, Resis, Block, Immortal Call, enough HP to cover those spikes, enough DPS to kill stuff before it kills you, leech, etc etc

and maybe find someone to party with that covers iiq/iir and split the results.
post your build/gems in the class section, I am sure ppl will help you out :D

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I accidentally deleted my Goddess Abound months ago! Herp derp...
Very enjoyable read, thanks!

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i just picked up a goddess bound whalebone rapier in a level 70 map playing with other guys in rampage..i thought u cant pick it up

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