Secret recipes and cryptic clues: The Goddess Scorned

I did not myself take part in this riddle solving, but I have read the threads and I think the idea is awesome!

I'll be looking forward to the third sword and riddle and will be more alert when that time comes, because these sort of things you'd want to be part of!
Chris wrote:
Thanks very much, Rhys!

This was our first guest news post - if you'd like to see more from other developers in the future, let us know!

+1 for more guest posts.
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This was indeed a great add to the game. It adds something what cannot be added otherwise:
Another way to improve atmosphere would be if NPCs had a slim chance to comment on the very best gear ingame. For example in this case they could say "Oh what an elegant bruise!", if your character walked near them with the sword. Or in case of Kaoms, Shavronnes etc. they could show how impressed they are.
I am hoping for more riddles. I don't have the time to solve them tbh but I liked to read the thread. Good entertainment - Ranger bow lightning arrow crit build
The next one has to take at LEAST a month to figure out. Otherwise, we crackpot theorists can't have any fun.
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Good stuff, hearing from various other developers sounds like a really great idea. Give people more appreciation for the kind of passion that is put into PoE.
The title says "Secret Recipes"... There's got to be more than one! One must be hidden cryptically in the message some how! Get to work on it!
Falcord wrote:
As I said in Charan's thread, I would love future riddles to tie in with other game mechanics too, particularly Races.

I can't be bothered racing because I'm not that competitive, but if Races had some collaborative element to them as well, I would love to give them another go.

It would be amazingly cool if you could find, through certain secondary objectives in races, "riddle pieces" that offer part of the information needed to decipher that month's Unique riddle, so people had to work together and race to obtain that information.

This idea is great man! Could be implemented in several ways. Maybe killing bosses or doing secondary objectives as Flacord said, or something to obtain "riddle pieces", maybe not that hard or maybe yes hehe. With those you could guess how to open big chests in some leagues or races. (Yes I like to open big chests :D )
Chris wrote:
Thanks very much, Rhys!

This was our first guest news post - if you'd like to see more from other developers in the future, let us know!

Would love to see more Guest News. :)

Also on topic:
I hope for more Vendor Uniques in the future, not only by Charan.
It was unbelievable fun to watch everyone figure the recipe out.

Thank you Rhys for your riddle, hope to see more! :)
I really look forward to the next recipe..
and many more to follow! O.O

I really wanted to participate in the clue solving, but my time was short and I knew I didn't have enough to spend speculating and posting, so I just sat back and watched the community do its thing. ...Next time!

These sorts of extra-gaming activities really add a lot, something very special, and my sincere thanks to everybody involved. I truly hope somebody is scheming up some way to continue these activities after Unbound!
IMO, it would be worth it to plan upgrades for a handful of low level / common / UP uniques just to provide more riddles for the community to solve :)

Edit: I also really like the idea of clues being itemized and dropped from monsters.
Break them up, line by line, and have each drop represent only a portion of a clue. Do not label them, leave nothing but context for the community to figure our which clues belong together. Puzzles within puzzles :)
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