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finally Gardening and Mounts will get implemented,
we waited long for those two.
Every MMO needs those.
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pnxsinned wrote:
"Some secret awesomeness that I'm not able to reveal just yet. It's bigger than the other changes in the patch."

I simply can't wait now :D
Keep up the good work!

I'm going to assume this secret awesomeness refers to the two new permanent (4-month) leagues coming soon. =P
You guys rule,

As a melee, I'm so excited to see what these changes entail!

*prays that incinerators/alchemists and lightning thorns are scaled down*
Its cool with the direction that exp is easier to acquire and good end game loot are hard to get.
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Chris wrote:

I am very happy with the Map system (especially the difficulty to get and stay at high Maps)

There is nothing 'difficult' in beating pure RNG. Monkey can do this with enough time and LUCK.
If this attitude and happiness will not change soon you will 'revive' (this fellow is right btw.. game is basically near death atm compared to 3 months ago) POE preety often.
Just sayin.

Srsly.. you should focus more 9as a game designer) about 'my players are happy' not on 'im happy with crappy system, RNG gating and crappy drop rates and i will keep naming this all 'difficulty''.

Just sayin again.

PS. If you plan to split areas on "this areas have exp only' and 'this areas have endgame loot only' all i can say is.... LOL.
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More party loot options.

First patch note I don't like. You said you were against meta-options. Why did u change your mind? Caved in for the casuals finally?
Chris wrote:
I am very happy with the Map system (especially the difficulty to get and stay at high Maps), but I certainly feel that we need to find a solution for high-level experience gain. Maps are intended to be about high-level item acquisition instead. This is something we're working on, but changes to it may not be done in time for the first 0.11.0 release.

Don't see why you couldn't re implement the old closed beta "end game"
Use it for leveling and map drops and keep the maps for gear
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Chris! Hear me please:

We want higher level maps (up to lvl 95) with a GOOOOOD droprate and higher level zones OUTSIDE of maps!! (also +90)

Its not that hard to understand that we are sick of having to lvl with 66, 68 etc maps as a lvl 85+ because of shitty droprate and extreme cost of +75 maps.. is it?

This is one of the biggest issues of PoE next to the bloody RNG (2500 fuse for a 6l if ur unlucky, and no i wouldn't pay 1500 for a 6L either. More like 500 or so) and GGG has been avoiding it and dancing around this issue for a while now..
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Chris wrote:
Completed 8 ChallengesPROguzhan wrote:
This will revive .. or lets say lure more people to play PoE actively :D

We have a lot of active players so I disagree with the term "revive", but I'm certainly looking forward to the big improvements this patch offers. We've been planning it for a while and I'm really glad it's certain enough that we can start to talk about it now.

Yes, I also think PoE never died or was nearly there so you can revive it, what I'm hoping is that Hardcore league gets more active people, which will happen with this patch. 2 major problems getting fixed hopefully with this patch: Melee viability and desyncs (desync is not a problem for me but for a lot of people)

I think a lot of my friends will come back to PoE after this patch, and I can see a lot of new people joining PoE too!

Let's hope for the best :)

In any case, this game is awesome, and as soon as you fix melee for endgame (HC) so I can also solo or play with my brother high quality/quantity maps, I will never stop playing it =)

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