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Sorry, a 7770 doesn't have a hope of hell of running at 60 fps at max settings. Your performance is probably around about right. If you want more fps disable post processing and aliasing etc. Hell, you want a gtx660 Ti or 7950 before you can get consistent 60 fps with max settings.

Considering I can play Crysis Warhead without lag on maximum settings at 1080p with this card, I'd say you're wrong. The 7770 is powerful enough, the lag spikes are merely a Radeon problem. Speak to people with a 7950 and you'll see they also have this problem.

DRinehart wrote:
windows 8 eats up a **** load of resources best to go with windows 7 home premium

Dude, really? Windows 8 uses less resources than Windows 7. I've used both.

Nothing wrong with my CPU. My ram is potentially a limiting factor (I was at 3.7GB out of 4GB when running PoE and Firefox simultaneously) but until it goes above 4GB would not be contributing to the slowdown of PoE. Mostly I run PoE without anything else open, and in such a case I have at least 1GB to spare before it would shift to virtual memory (slow mode)

Path of Exile doesn't consume a great deal of RAM, nor does it provide a high CPU load.

Pfft. PoE takes 2GB of ram on my machine. That is a lot. No other application I use takes even half of that except Firefox when I have a gazillion tabs open. I can't recall how much Diablo 3 uses, but if vague memory permits, it was consuming roughly 600MB.

PoE does take a high CPU load. I happen to have an i5 2500K so I don't care about the CPU load, but PoE often goes beyond 60% CPU usage which tells me it is very CPU intensive.
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POE takes less than a gb of ram and only 10% of my CPU usage, i7.
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I hope 'Rebalance of monster damage' doesn't mean nerfs across the whole game. We don't need another easy peasy Diablo 3 situation (nerfing of monster damageshortly after release, made Inferno really easy).

I want a challenging endgame where not all people get there easily. Something like Dark Souls maybe. Really hard, but if you have the knowledge/experience you can do it.

Oh, and don't buff melee too hard. Melee if played right is actually quite op, you can tank like everything and have absurd damage. I agree some buffs are needed to make some builds viable but buffing it too hard across the board will make some melee builds ridiculous.
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Chris wrote:

The problem that causes loot to not feel so rewarding is that crafting is very powerful. Almost all items that people have equipped come from crafting rather than drops. People enjoy crafting items and using their currency to do it.

LOLOL, I would totally rather use 200 chaos on something in hopes that it becomes a godlike item rather than just using a trade forum search engine and buy one for 1/4th the price.
ok well lets put all the specs and everything aside because noone is gonna have the same pc build...so wouldnt it just be safe to say that if you want to run path to perfection just get a nice cpu nice gpu and plenty of ram oh and it doesnt hurt to have a nice ssd fuk hdd. if you follow that simple step you should be playing path in high fps....i mean i went on the safe side got an 8120 amd fx, 16gb of ram, and a geforce gtx 550 ti and i mean shit my build is like an 800 dollar build and i run shit flawlessly. just play it safe and get the highest quality you can for the prices you can afford.
Bandit Quest- Reward change/Quest redo. Is this still going to happen in an upcoming patch? Static things in a dynamic game are not fun.

This guy makes a good point...Maybe someone from GGG can weigh in on the subject.
This is really nice
More party loot allocation options
Direct melee buffs
Rebalance of monster damage
Improved resync code. The scope of this patch doesn't include the more complex changes to the action prediction system, but will hopefully prevent deaths by resyncing more aggressively when needed.
Some secret awesomeness that I'm not able to reveal just yet. It's bigger than the other changes in the patch.

So happy you guys are finally aiming towards fixing melee instead of nerfing it more :D
Patch looks nice, looking forward to it all :) especially melee buff and secret awesomeness! will we be told beforehand about the secret awesomeness or will we have to wait until the patch actually launches?
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Bandit Quest- Reward change/Quest redo. Is this still going to happen in an upcoming patch? Static things in a dynamic game are not fun.

This guy makes a good point...Maybe someone from GGG can weigh in on the subject.

I agree with both of these people! But seriously a response one way or another would be nice.
Has GGG ever considered a defensive skill that has the same mechanics as Point Blank? Offers high defense against monsters next to you and consistently less as their distance away from your character increases. Upside is more defensive during melee but susceptible to ranged attacks.

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