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I have read through some of the posts, and there seem to be much raging about the problem that you need to use too many fuses to get a 6L. I think I have a good compromising solution to this issue. Lets say that you have a 6 socket item, that you want to 6 link. the first fusing you use, will have the same chance of giving a 6L, as they do now (or even a bit smaller chance). Then as you contenue to use more fuses, the chance of getting a 6L should increase exponentially. Lets say that the funktion have the base number 100, then everytime you have used 100 fuses on an item, the chance of getting a 6L should double (of course you have to balance this base number). This change could as well be added for orbs of chance, and jeweler's orbs.

This change will have a few good aspects:

When you finally get a 6L, you will not feel that all the fuses you have used before the ones that 6 linked, has been a waste, but you may instead think that they were necessery in the progress of getting 6L. (This may also make your oppinion "Getting a 6L is difficult" more true, as a 6L actually has a progress, and is not just made randomly after countless tries)

The number of fuses, chances, and jewelers, should be accessible by comands like /fusing or /chance, like the /itemlevel command. Thereby this number can be used as arguments in trades.

You will not necessarily see the use of a fuse, chance, or jeweler as waste, because it will make the item more valuable, as further crafting on the item will be less expencive.

At last I want to tell you that I really love this game, so I really hope that you will do something about this issue (and the end game leveling issue), so I will not quit playing too soon, because I really do want to keep playing :)
It is coming!
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Where is it?? :o

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