3.24.0c Hotfix 2

Dethox420 wrote:
Could you please revert the map device slot unlock to be from 4way Legions again?

It's painfully obvious that the T17 experiment failed catastrophically, especially for SSF.

They are far harder than uber bosses in many instances for many characters - take a long time to acquire - and lock your Scarab usage behind them.

This is incredibly painful and idiotic to face as an SSF only player, you cant just pay someone 1 div to get your map device slot.

Totally agree with the OP!

Dethox420 wrote:

"Go make a character capable of beating the final bosses of the game - congrats, now you can use Scarabs to uh... farm... to improve your character to uh... wait
a sec..."

Sadly this "concept" can be generalized for POE (especially in SSF) : Get a "very special" item AFTER you achieve what you need that item for (from awakened gems to uniques).
we dont want every league only the 1% of players and especially streamers to get all currency and good items. everyone sshould be able to get any item. noone wants a difficult and trash game
Essence monsters replaced by Syndicate Allflames still fail to drop Essences.

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