3.24.0c Hotfix 2

3.24.0c Hotfix 2

  • Einhar and Huck are no longer affected by Map Modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters from Syndicate Allflame Embers were not dropping items unless they were spawned by Strongboxes, or other various leagues.
Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Last bumped on Apr 7, 2024, 10:03:20 PM
Romo says TY
Fast turn around! Well done.

Yet another unpaid Path of Exile 2 Alpha Tester.
Last edited by TwentyFiveEX on Apr 7, 2024, 10:13:50 PM
Snitching got the Einhar thing fixed as always :)
Le Toucan Will Return
Should also add: might want to check rare and unique minions players can summon to see if they also do the Einhar shenanigans. Dancing Duo, Conversion Trap and there's probably others.
Le Toucan Will Return
Log in (but not to t17s)
"stepping stone" t17 maps are a joke, waste of resources :)
Snitches get stitches.
It is a sad day indeed.
Could you please revert the map device slot unlock to be from 4way Legions again?

It's painfully obvious that the T17 experiment failed catastrophically, especially for SSF.

They are far harder than uber bosses in many instances for many characters - take a long time to acquire - and lock your Scarab usage behind them.

This is incredibly painful and idiotic to face as an SSF only player, you cant just pay someone 1 div to get your map device slot.

"Go make a character capable of beating the final bosses of the game - congrats, now you can use Scarabs to uh... farm... to improve your character to uh... wait
a sec..."
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T17 maps are literally the worst thing you've ever done.

I absolutely assure you that if I have to do this again next league I WILL NOT be back.
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