3.24.0c Hotfix 2

ty <3
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You guys really need to do something with t17s to make it where more people are able to run them consistently and this whole scarab sextant change is terrible. It has literally ruined the endgame. It’s like you say you’re going to implement one thing and when it actually comes out it is nothing as described. F Poe2 it’s a long way out, u need to put more focus into the current game you have out
poe2 is the reason they fuck up this poe original. They saw the drop in interest for poe2 when they displayed the game then decided to destroy this game little by little to stockholm syndrome us into getting into poe2. And chris wilson or who ever was making them leaving the decision making for poe 1 has been the worst several leagues aside from affliction league. But I think affliction league was good by accident from what I heard these game directors say in their interviews.
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Love ya GGG but this league is feast or famine. Either you have 2c or 20mirrors. Please find a way to even out the bellcurve here. Gear in here costing 40Divines to a mirror and after having cleared 16 tiers of maps I havent had a single Divine allflame. MEANWHILE the tryhards have exploited every little crevace in the facade of this league for screenfulls of divines. In the end the average layer loses out because you overtweak things and then cut it back whille the average players are just getting to the good content. So the rich get richer while we get poorer. Just find a way to level things out and have the average player be able to afford stuff.
Looks like the dev team has given up on this league. I wake up and the t17 strat is still the same as it was last night. Was expecting a nerf by now.
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where nerf to mf? entire market fuked second league in a row. what to point to continue playing?
fix the div card farming garbage.
man feeling so lost this league
Never mind the economy bois! We fixed an allflame! We wooooooon!
t17 is garbage lol 99% of the players that haven't quit already will never even touch them

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