3.24.0c Hotfix 2

worst league i ever seen, if i remember correctly game director said "next league will be with less loot" one guy made 10 mirror in one day. now imagine this farm with 6 player, fix your shit ggg before it's late.
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This league actually made LEpoch look like a good game.
Good they nerfed huck and einhar killing your mapbosses right, it surely was the most broken mechanic this league and needed a quick nerf am I right? xdd
When will have the next HOTFIX?? The economy is broken now. GGG do sth pls...
GGG, please save the game nerf T17 MF….. no way this is the game you want
I'm not usually negative and don't usually post, but if someone at GGG reads this please.... It doesn't have to be this league, although I wish it was, but you absolutely need. NEED. to revert these scarab changes. I mean there are so many things wrong with the league I don't even know where to start but the scarab changes have completely fucked the end game. The economy is trash partly because of this. Clearly you did not test the interactions with the scarabs thoroughly enough and that's understandable. Headhunter is 20 divine and dropping. I've never seen it this low in 8 years of playing your game. I say this as someone who sincerely wants PoE to succeed long term. You probably already got your boon from supporter packs so you're less inclined to care about this league but please do something. Put out a post at least saying you understand why the community is angry and why these changes aren't the right direction. You tried something and it didn't work out. Don't settle and let this be the state of PoE going forward.

P.S Einhar is currently bugged and if there's multiple red beasts around and you kill them all roughly at the same time he will capture one and heal the others. Really fun gameplay killing 6! red beasts over and over and over again. Sometimes it just fails to capture altogether and it's stuck. The monster infinite revives. No other mechanics in play either. it's happened multiple times. Just something to look at.
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Is it just me having terrible luck or are these "Scarabs are 100% more likely to be X" (Domination/Breach is what I'm running) atlas nodes not working properly? I have my entire atlas specced into scarabs, and the second I take the nodes mentioned I don't drop ANY of those. My scarab tab is filled to the brim with all variants, except the ones I specifically spec into. None. Nada. After running like 30+ maps with those nodes, not having a single one drop (but all the other scarab types) seems kinda...wrong.
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There seems to be a lot of passive aggression and bugs in this league. Glad I'm skipping it. Way to go GGG!
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It's understandable for the league to be broken with all the scarabs/allflames/T17 maps etc but not pushing emergency hotfixes/patches I mean a T0 unique is 26 divines that's 14 divines less than a singular scarab that is used to farm it if that doesn't tell you anything about keeping the people playing achieving meaningful upgrades I don't know what will and people in this hotfix are voicing the same opinion as me this league is gonna be death or even already death.I would enjoy you guys to make a seperate necropolis league from this one where people start from the start with all the broken stuff fixed
Ps My comment got deleted cause I was mean but what I said was the truth

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