3.24.0c Hotfix 2

*Fixed T17 maps being doable by normal players.

tier 17`s are bad

badly desined and harder than uber pinneacle wich makes no sene : )

most of my friends left your league allready.
gj ggg : )

Einhar and Huck are no longer affected by Map Modifiers.

Nice, since all the various league mobs seem double-dipping into map modifiers.

Oh, hold up. That's not the fix. It's still The Gauntlet.
Lets go! to the other games, cus here only lazy craft left.
Oops my dear Einhar... R.I.P.
Sure.Fix this after the players knew about this finished all the content
T17 maps are literally the worst thing you've ever done.

completely agree on this

glad i did the T17 challenges yesterday before fix so got those awful maps out of my way
For uber farm gonna buy fragments, dont intend to enter T17 ever again
The funny part for ps5 is that all fragments for bosses have a price tag of 1d. There is also no enslavement and eradication fragments on the market. I think thats a good indication how many ppl are still playing at all. Need alternating and pc has 947 while we have 18 for 3d+. Even in the last days of affliction there was more activity. Cant imagine what will be with this league.

And also we are already 3 patches behind stitting at 3.24.0b hf 3. Looks like licensing for console is big pain and these patches are not that importnant.
Last edited by TheDeathDeal_777 on Apr 8, 2024, 7:09:57 AM
No one care about garbage t17's.

Where is big perfomance game patch?
Playing with 20-25 FPS with pixel graphics instead of 50-60 FPS native resolution - is not fun at all.
No way t17 its a brigde between pinacle and uber.

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