3.23.1c Patch Notes

When an account is muted, you will now be unable to send or receive whispers from players if they are not on your Friends List and you are not on their Friends List. You will also not be shown as online on the trade website. These restrictions do not apply for mutes applied to accounts prior to this patch being deployed.

For sure there is zero space for abuse
Everyone already loves trading process, you made one step to make it even better

PS https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/1aphrqy/gggs_mute_system_in_all_its_glory_96_hour_mute/
get your ssf chars ready omegalol
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You will also not be shown as online on the trade website.

I was only muted 3? Times in my 10 years of Path of Exile but being hidden from trade for being muted is really extremely mean.
I would maybe understand that as option, but if I need an item what do I care if the seller told someone else something bad? I want the item, not his charm.
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And server lags and kicks from lab is not fixed.
Good job folks! ;-)
i'm not gay, but i'd suck a d if affliction went core :)
Wtf, i got disconnected from map twice in a row and portals disappears. What the hell GGG? Is this some new bug after patch? Haven't happened before this patch. Can't really invest anything into maps if this keeps happening.
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dont we all just love how dumbo cant hold appart a good league mechanic and big loot? running around in the forest without minimap with no cool bosses nothing is the best thing? XD

Mas7erBroda wrote:
Affliction goes Core?? with some changes obviously but please? Best League since ritual and harvest.

Speaking of dumbo, this is what your "smartness" came up with? You don't think he's talking about the massive amounts of loot dropping? I guess it takes one re re to know another re re.
Just hope all your moderators are seeing these ignorant comments stipulating how wonderful some ppl think this is because they cant wait to report someone they dont like to get them banned dont you guys feel like this has become a damn popularity contest this is ridiclous i get muted because i think that comparing costs on alternating platforms is stupid, (btw im not the only one),now u have idiots saying that theyre blatantly trying to get ppl in trouble because of the new conditions you put out but that isnt against your code of conduct????
just look at the name making the comment that should give u insight as to the persons maturity lvl and probably their ambitious future plans as well
Rixi2k wrote:

Every league start we prob have like 70k+ players and then after a month we down to like 20k? players, i wonder why?

Because the other ~70%(?) either got bored and/or achieved what they wanted to ?

What else would you expect ?

Also keep in mind that these counts are only for the players that made their accounts public... which I would assume are also those the most involved and therefore likely to burn out quickly ?
fix eu servers when need some perfonmance updates and servers random lag spikes

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